The team

Kevin Kubota: Lifelong photographer, educator, lover of travel and adventure. Kevin has taught and photographed in amazing places, all over the world – like Russia, China, Japan, Italy, England, Germany, Cambodia, Peru, Brazil, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Greece, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Hawaii, British West Indies, Thailand, Vietnam, and even…wait for it, Las Vegas. Kevin is also passionate about riding motorcycles, and the freedom to explore that it fuels.

Kevin Kubota has been leading and teaching photography workshops since 2000. Yup, Y2K. Amazing that we even survived, isn’t it? His Digital Photography Bootcamp® is an intensive, week-long program that has been running since 2000. It’s won numerous accolades as one of the best programs of its type. He and his wife, Clare, have led international workshops for over 10 years and work with some of the best local guides in the world.Kevin and his second favorite gal.

Kevin and his second favorite gal.

clare-in-italy-on-stepsClare Kubota: AKA, the Queen Bee. Clare is the one that keeps it all together. Her creativity, passion, and genuine love for travel and sharing her experiences makes her your go-to-gal when you really want the inside scoop. Clare has been co-leading workshops with Kevin from day 1.

Our Italian partners:

italy-motorcycle-tours-kevin-kubota-0005Max Brunelli: Husband of Cristiana, and your quintessential non-typical Italian man. His knowledge of Italy and passion for sharing it is contagious. If you don’t love Max for his encyclopedia brain, you’ll love him for his sense of humor. Max is a lifelong motorcycle rider.

Cristiana Chiacchierini: The charming and beautiful Cristiana makes everyone feel so wonderfully welcome and at ease. She keeps Max in line and takes care of all the little details that add up to a fantastic overall experience. She is a wonderful cook and definitely knows where to find the best shopping deals.