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Q: Can I use my own motorcycle?

A: Of course! Ride whatever you feel best on. Shipping a motorcycle to Italy from the USA is expensive, so renting a bike is usually the best option. Plus, you get to try a new bike that you may have been drooling over 😉

Q: Do I need special insurance?

A: Renting a moto is just like renting a car. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you have coverage abroad. You also have the option to get local insurance riders to cover any gaps. We’ll fill you in on all that when you sign up.

Q: Will the riding be difficult? Off road?

A: We will not be racing! This is a discovery tour. We will, however, be traveling on some very tight & twisty back roads, so a decent amount of riding experience is required. On occasion we explore a dirt road or cobblestone street, but nothing too technical.

Q: My partner/friend wants to come but doesn’t ride. What are the options?

A: If your buddy doesn’t want to ride on the back of your bike (experience riding 2-up is required) then they are still encouraged to join us! We’ll have a separate vehicle, with fun adventures planned, for the non-riders. We will rendezvous at certain points during the day, and definitely by the evening, where we’ll enjoy dinner, wine, & dessert together.

Q: Do I need to be a professional photographer to attend?

A: Heck no. You just need to love photography (hey, even your phone counts) and appreciate taking time to capture your adventures on pixels. Photography guidance and instruction will be given to help you become the best photographer you can – no matter what your level or where you want to go with it.


Q: When should I book my spot?

A: ASAP, for two reasons: We have a strict limit on the number of riders, to keep our group safe, manageable, and fun for all. Once we are full, we are full. Also, our trip is priced in EURO (since, uh, that’s what they use over there). Right now, the US dollar is VERY strong vs. the EURO – the best it’s been in over 5 years! Book early and lock in your conversion rate. If the EURO goes back up later, you’ll pay more in USD. This is the best time to travel to Europe that we’ve seen in a long time!

If you have any other questions, we are all ears and answers! Send us a note here.